Professional +Local Rug Cleaning

The Complete Guide to Why When How You Should Have Our Experts Clean Your Rugs

Hire our local rug cleaners

We have a team of expert carpet cleaners who are local to your area & are available on short notice. They have a wealth of experience and can clean any type of fabric out there. If your home or business is in London or Essex, give us a call and we will send a professional straight over.

Hire a local rug cleaner

We have a team of expert carpet cleaners who are local to your area & are available on short notice. They have a wealth of experience and can clean any type of fabric out there. If your home or business is in London or Essex, give us a call and we will send a professional straight over.

Rugs: types and most effectivecleaning methods

Deep Steam Cleaning

Our most effective rug cleaning method. Now made even better through our range of specialist chemicals and equipment. Experienced, thorough, great value.

Water (wet) Cleaning

As recommended by rug manufacturers: our new & improved method of specialist, water extraction cleaning. We deep clean, revive and further protect your rugs.

Dry Cleaning

Provided by our local, rug cleaning experts: we know how to carefully dry clean natural fibres. We revive rugs to their best possible condition.
rug cleaning

Improved rug cleaning methods

Oriental, Persian & Wool Rugs

Provided only by our rug cleaners who moved to the experienced, senior level. No colour bleeding, no shrinkage, fibre refresh and protect. Woolsafe, unique, just like your rug.

Cotton and Synthetic Rugs

Driven by our experience in cleaning white, Haitian cotton rugs and upholstery. Done with a 35+ industry trade range of chemicals. No wicking and no shrinking.

Jute, Sisal, Seagrass Rugs

We can dry clean over 10+ types of natural fibres using specialist chemicals. These are made exclusively for trade bodies. So if you are looking for a rug cleaner near me who really knows what they're doing, you'll know how to find us.
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A local, specialist rug cleaning service

At Diamond, we understood from an early stage that a local, specialist rug cleaning service — one which is reasonably priced — is what clients in London and Essex are truly looking for.

This translates to our business having teams living and working near the clients’ addresses every day so that the travel time between jobs is down to a minimum, while also cutting down on fuel costs and CO2 emissions, too.

Moreover, having the same technicians work in the same field (rug cleaning, in this instance) for several years gives them and our company the edge over new, unexperienced cleaners who may do a halfway job dealing with your rugs.

As a result, because we have teams of specialist cleaners who live near your postcode in London or Essex and because such teams have spent years focusing and working exclusively in the rug cleaning business, we are able to provide you with a service which is:

  1. at a reasonably fair price;
  2. of exceptional quality of work, and
  3. extends the lifespan of your rugs (giving you greater value for your money).

Have a read below to find out more about our rug cleaning service and why you should choose us when looking for a local, specialist fabric cleaner.

You don't have to worry about rug types, fibres, fabrics and cleaning methods: that is our job.

Simply tap here to send us photos of the rug(s) which need a thorough clean: we will inspect and advise you free of charge.
You don't have to worry about rug types, fibres, fabrics and cleaning methods: that is our job.

Simply tap here to send us photos of the rug(s) which need a thorough clean: we will inspect and advise you free of charge.
rug cleaning

types of rugs we can clean

New & Improved Rug Cleaning Methods

Experts in cleaning all types of rugs

From wool, cotton and synthetic to dry clean only, our local rug cleaners are versatile and experienced in cleaning all type of fibres woven into your rugs.

What’s best is that we also know how to revive and extend their lifespan, too, helping you get the best value for your money.

Watch how we clean rugs!

In this video, our local expert cleaner, is treating & reviving an Oriental rug made of wool.

4 Useful tips to consider before booking our rug cleaners

To qualify for this trade, our rug cleaning technician must have at least three years experience. They must also be based in the London and Essex areas where we operate.

This means that you will get a truly professional to work and clean your rugs, and this will be reasonably priced.

See below for handy tips to consider before deciding to book a rug cleaning service.

If the rug that needs cleaning belongs to someone else (i.e., your landlord, your friend or the building management company), you will need a true professional to take care of it.
Yes, it is worth investing in rugs especially if they are hand made, home made / dyed, antique and/or Oriental.

Unlike carpets (which are fitted to the floor), rugs are portable (you can have them taken to your new home). They have a long lifespan, too: invest in a proper rug and it will last a lifetime if cleaned regularly by a professional.
To help you decide whether or not it is worth having your rug(s) cleaned by our professionals, decide:

  • if the rug has sentimental value, financial value or both,

  • if the rug is not expensive: recycle it and buy a new one - or book us to clean more than just one rug -- you will get the best value the more items you book;

  • if the rug is expensive: call us and buy our fabric protection service as well;

  • if it is a family heirloom: book us regularly to preserve the rug's condition and to extend its lifespan.

If we do not feel confident about the best way to clean your rug(s), we will turn down the job without charging you anything for it.

Advice on removing stains, fast drying rugs & fabric protectors

Fresh, liquid stains on rugs: put table salt as soon as possible so that most of the the stain transfers from the rug into the salt.
High-density stains: carefully remove as much as possible with a blunt or plastic knife and call us.
Furniture dye stains are often impossible to remove: ask us how to prevent or tackle such stains.
Do not use all-purpose stain removers on your rugs: they may permanently damage its fibres.
If you don't know what to do about stains on your rugs, hire us and we will take care of it: do not risk it only to save a couple of pounds.
Rugs are only cleaned at our customers' address: we do not collect, clean, store and deliver.
The size of any rug carries little weight when determining the cleaning price: we charge based on its fabric type and condition.
If the rug is expensive (hand made, antique, Oriental, home dyed etc.) have it insured, especially if it carries sentimental value.
Most rugs (natural fibres ones, in particular) are best to be left to dry naturally to prevent moulding or foul water odours.
Fast drying (done with turbo dryers or air movers) -- if done by an amateur -- will risk damaging the fibres of your rugs.
We use turbo dryers (air movers) on rugs if and when it's needed.
Our extensive range of specialist cleaning chemicals is suitable for all types of rugs
Any one of our rug cleaning technicians has at least five years experience in this business
We can further extend the lifespan of your rug(s) by using a fabric protector
We research, buy, experiment, test and use rug cleaning products from the UK, US, Japan, Australia & New Zealand and Canada.
Some natural fibres rugs (such as coir mats) are best to be recycled rather than cleaned
If the rug(s) are inexpensive and have no sentimental value, it will be cheaper to recycle them & buy new rather than to have them cleaned
Protect expensive rugs with a fabric protector: it will give you exceptional longterm value
Keep your valued, coloured rugs away from long exposure to sunlight to prevent fading
Always recycle unneeded rugs: do your bit for the environment, just like we do

6 Reasons to choose our rug cleaning service

This is where we give you time-tested reasons to choose our rug cleaning service: we have six of them plus four simple, useful tips.

We run 3 simple checks on your rug to guarantee work quality

More than 60-70% of the rugs we’ve cleaned never had a label on them, and we are not in the guesswork business. That’s why all our technicians can properly identify the fibre of any given rug, thus being able to choose the best chemicals, cleaning methods and equipment to use on every service they provide.

Label & Fibre Type Check

Rugs come in a wide variety of fabric type, colours
and sizes, each with their own cleaning instructions. The rule of the
thumb is that in order to properly clean them, the first step is to carefully
follow the instructions printed on the label by the manufacturer.

If the label is missing or if the rug was
hand made, it is the knowledge and experience of our technician that will make all the difference in giving you a truly professional cleaning service.

Home or Machine Made

Our rug cleaning experts are familiar with all the types of rugs out there, split into two categories: homemade or department store (machine made).

Department store rugs are first subject to a colour bleeding /

fastness test which will determine the right pH, chemicals, equipment and methods to be used on the rug(s).

Homemade rugs (including antique, sentimental value and unique rugs)

will be treated in a similar manner albeit by a senior level technician with at least five years of experience: this ensures zero damage to the fibres of the rug during the cleaning process.

The right product for the right rug

Once we've identified the types of fibres woven into the rug, we will continue to the next step which involves measuring pH and deciding which chemicals and equipment are to be used in the deep cleaning process.

Our extensive range of over 40 cleaning products made exclusively for the rug cleaning industry will guarantee the best possible outcome in terms of the looks and cleanliness of your items.
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