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    Diamond Carpet Cleaning

    Your local, professional cleaning services company

    For years, Diamond Carpet Cleaning has provided clients with quality services and the professional care their homes and offices deserve.

    We deep clean everything from carpets and rugs to upholstery (sofas, armchairs, footsools / Ottomans), curtains and beyond.

    We have a professional cleaner near me approach to business, we are fully certified, insured and regularly trained in-house and at the leading bodies in the cleaning trade.

    Each of our cleaning services include a 12 steps package at no extra cost: you won’t find this anywhere else.

    Take advantage for yourself and make a booking: we will get your House or Office Disinfected and Shiny As A Diamond!


    Outstanding quality of work. Thorough. Punctual. Reliable.
    12+ steps for a deep clean, truly professional service. Specialist chemicals sourced from worldwide. New machines and tools.
    Local to your home and office in London and Essex. Impressive reviews from our clients.
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    Areas Covered
    All-inclusive cleaning services

    Deep clean, local experts ready for your home and office

    If you live in London or Essex and need someone local and with at least 3+ years of experience in deep cleaning, you’re in the right place:


    Why choose Diamond?

    Local. Professional. Covering all London & Essex.

    Everyone in our business has at least three years in the cleaning trade. There are no middlemen and we live and work up to 10 miles away from where you live or work. Now covering all of London and Essex areas.

    Local is Better
    No Middlemen
    Top Quality of Work
    Near you and great for the environment
    Our local teams only work up to 10 miles from where they live. The travel costs is therefore reduced: this means a low CO2 footprint and no late arrivals to the jobs you schedule with us.
    Directly from us to you means lower prices
    Because we do not use middlemen, the price you pay for our professional cleaning services are the best you can get. We value the quality of our work and this shows on the quote we give and the service we provide.
    When you make a booking with us, it's an investment
    The large majority of our clients are repeat customers: they book us once then never look for someone else ever again. When using our services, <b>you invest into the lifespan of your items</b>: we thoroughly clean and protect their fibres so that you will not have to replace them every year.
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    Local & Near Me

    Lowest carbon footprint. Less than ten miles away.
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    At least 5+ years experience in the cleaning trade.
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    Never overbooked. Always on time for your appointment.
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    Zero percent complaint rate.
    The NEW 12-steps cleaning method

    Easy & Effective Steps We Take In Our Cleaning Approach

    Our new, 12-steps cleaning method, developped after years of real world work and customer feedback, is the best you will find on the market.

    It has been designed to cover all the bases in any given deep cleaning project undertaken for either residential or business clients.


    What You Need

    You know what you need and you need the professionals to do it: we can summarise that into a simple action plan.

    What Needs Done

    The action plan is translated by our technicians into clear steps: we get a list of all the items which need cleaning, their fabric type and their fabric condition.

    What to Use

    Each of the cleaning steps gets further expanded into a list of equipment, tools and chemicals to be used on your items. We have in-house cleaning guides for every type of fabric out there.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let’s help you find what you need

    Got questions about our professional cleaning services?

    Have a look at the most commonly asked questions and our bitesize answers.

    We are rated 5 out of 5. There are no middlemen in our business. We live and work near your home or office (at up to ten miles away). We are fully insured; trained; certified. A truly professional cleaning service for you is the business we are in.
    We cover all the areas within the M25 ring and the district of Essex. We have local professional cleaners: the farthest they live is ten miles from your home or office address.
    We provide specialist cleaning services to local homes and bussinesses in London and Essex. Our services are divided into: cleaning (one-off, end of tenancy or regular cleaning) and fabric cleaning (fitted carpets, loose rugs -- cleaned at the customers' address, curtains, upholstery - sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, footstools and any other item with a fabric on it).
    The price given by email or in writing is the price you pay.
    We accept card, bank transfer and cash payments. All payments are done after the completion of the works: sameday for residential clients and NET14 or NET30 for business clients.
    A 5-Stars Rated Service

    Trusted by thousands of clients from London and Essex

    Thousands of home and business clients from all over London and Essex have rated our reviews 5 stars out of 5!



    This is my go-to cleaning services agency. They are local, they always show up on time and they do such a fantastic work every time I need them. Thank you!
    avatar of client number one

    Angeline Benivent

    Home Services Client IG10
    I rely on the Diamond cleaners to have my house properly cleaned every other week. I was able to secure a very good price for the quality and professional work they do for me.
    avatar of client number six

    Miriam Che

    Regular Domestic Services Client RM1
    Very punctual, hassle-free (no unnecessary questions about parking availability, Congestion Charge, U-Lez), straightforward and they always kept me informed of their progress. Highly recommended.
    avatar of client number three

    Marc Pereira

    Business Client EC1V
    Our office carpets and upholstery (office chairs and lounge sofas) needed a proper clean and I can honestly say that these guys went above and beyond to take care of it. Will use their services again, you can count on it!
    avatar of client number five

    Amanda Brinxley-Cox

    Business Client N1
    They professionally cleaned the carpets in our whole house. And because they did such an amazing job, I got them to clean my two sofas, too (I didn't know they also do that). Highly recommended and a very good value for money, thank you Diamond!
    avatar of client number four

    Leena McCorley

    Home Services Client CM5
    I rely on these professional cleaners to get the job done in our flats. They keep the interference to a minimum and they have zero complaints rate. Outstanding and effective, just like we've originally planned. Thank you.
    avatar of client number two

    Marjorie Weiss

    Business Client E14
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    Clients from All Over London and Essex

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